What Goes into a Potyondi Drum?
    The hand crafting process though time-consuming, does make an enormous difference to snare drums. It is this simple formula that only Potyondi follows to the letter. Our drums are hand made, conventionally machined and not mass produced, because we know that you don't want to sound like everybody else...

    ..and our drum sound is LEGENDARY !

    Studio producers crave it, and drummers love it for its clear, distinctive sound, extended sensitivity and musical tone. Available in Aluminum, Steel, and Cast Iron, with many other custom options available.

    "I was searching for a metal snare drum
    with the right combination of attack,
    overtone, and volume and simply could
    not find the sound I wanted with the other
    current brands..."

    "...so I took matters into my own hands...Literally!"

    -Peter Potyondi

    A special thank-you to Tom Wells for his help and advice.