Frequently Asked Questions

    Do Potyondi Custom Drums currently supply drum shells to other drum makers?


    What type of delivery time can I expect for my Potyondi Custom Snare drum?

    "From confirmation of your order, your Potyondi Custom Snare drum ships in 3-4 weeks options pending . An important, but time-consuming step in the crafting process of our shells is a 10-14 day curing time. This ensures the utmost quality and balance."

    What is the real advantage of a 1-piece spun shell?

    "Our 1-piece spun shells are perfectly round and have no welding seam. A welding seam can create a tonal dead-spot sapping the drum's natural overtones. In addition, our shells are much stronger and will not crack."

    Are drums available in custom colour finishes?

    "Yes! We can chrome or nickel plate you Potyondi Custom Drum, or paint it with a custom colour of your choice. Paint is applied along with 2 protective clearcoats."

    Is snare drum venting available on all metal snare drums?

    "Yes! If fact, we are the only company to offer fully-customizable metal snare drum venting."
    (This process involves drilling holes of various sizes in the shell to increase the volume and attack of the drum). - This option can be ideal when used for live performances.

    Do you offer any other drums, or an entire kit?

    "Not yet. At the present time, we are proud to offer our custom snare drums. An aluminum shell kit is in the developmental phase - stay tuned for details."

    Are Potyondi Custom cast iron and spun steel drums heavy?

    "Indeed they are!"