Our Drum Gallery-

      The Signature Cast Iron Snare with Potyondi aluminum lugs

      10" "Deep Dish" steel shell

      Our Signature series Cast Iron Snare in an Acid Wash finish

      The raw shell...

      The Oil Firing process tightens the metal and seals the pores.

      Leaving a shell that sings with tone...

      The Owner's choice - Peter Potyondi's custom painted steel shell

      Peter Potyondi - Back in the day...

      Cast Iron shell with vintage-style tube lugs

      Our Steel Shell with vintage-style tube lugs.

      An Aluminum shell with vintage-style tube lugs.

      Peter Junior starts his job as Quality Control inspector (at age 2!)

      (L-R) Stel shell, shtell shell with painted finish, Aluminum shell, Steel shell with gold hardware,
      Cast Iron (foreground)

      The choice of recording profesionals..

      Chris Johnson with his Potoyndi/Ford Steel Snare

      The Potyondi stell shell has been an option of Ford Drums

      Aluminum Shell close up...

      Steel Shell close up...

      Potyondi Shells - the first and last word.