"Great Snare Drums."
    -Gil Moore
    (Triumph, Metalworks studios)

    "Lots of Luck with your great sounding snare drums!"
    -Wilson Laurencin
    (Drummer- The Mike Bullard Show)

    "Sounds great! "
    -Craig Hunter,
    (Instrucrtor, Educator, Juno-Award winning drummer - the Philosopher Kings)

    Gerard Williams


    Pitch 99
    "I've had some very good comments about the snare drum when playing live and the sound is impressing almost everyone that hears it :o) The sound engineers at our gigs were amazed by it's sound and the lack of engineering needed to be put into it's sound production...just mic, plug and play.....and keep the level low... the volume is amazing!! I've had lots of interest from other drummers who heard it and there was one guy in particular who was drooling all over it!! Musicians from different bands couldn't beleive their ears and several of them brought their drummers too later gigs just to hear the snare sound"



    Hi Peter,

    Here's the review. Hope you find it useful.
    Thanks a lot, Gabor


    First of all, thanks a lot for this awesome musical instrument. The drum exceeds my expectations which, I can tell you, were really high. I have a short version for the review: this drum sings. But let's go into the details a bit.

    I find this drum very sensitive, the stick response is great even at softer volume. The shell has plenty of resonance and body, yet I don't feel that the sound is too 'heavy' or something. The only heavy thing here is the shell but I like it a lot. We, Hungarians would describe this feature of the drum like " Van be! nne anyag. " I guess you know what
    this means.:-) I'm sure that the thickness of the shell and your soundrings/ extra bearing edges contribute to the articulate and well defined sound-character of this snare drum. Metal shell usually produce a huge amount of ring, but my Potyondi is very well balanced is this respect
    as well. And I find the 42-strand wires the perfect choice for this shell - they cooperate, or live together with the shell nicely. The snare sound becomes part of the drum's overall sound & I don't feel for a second that the wires and the shell go on separate ways, if you know what I mean.

    Despite what some folks say (the competition), I find this cast shell versatile & highly applicable in most musical styles & situations. And this goes for both studio work & live performance.
    All in all, I'm happy to own a Potyondi Custom Cast Iron snare drum. I will use this instrument during the recording sessions I'm planning for this year and of course for many years to come. This drum is a 'keeper', and that's a fact, not a promise.

    Thanks a million once again for building this excellent drum for me.

    All the best,

    Gabor Joo
    Budapest, Hungary
    (Band: Tazman Ordog / Tasmanian Devil -





    Metal Works Recording Studio
    Toronto, Ontario

    ...use POTYONDI Custom Cast Iron and Custom Steel Shell snare drums for their raw power and distinctive tone.


    The Hit Factory Recording Studio
    Lynden, Ontario

    ..use the POTYONDI Custom Steel Shell snare drum for it's well-rounded reliable tone.

    "The Sweetest sounding overtone from a metal drum that I've ever heard. I just love it, because it records so well."
    -Attila Turi,
    (Mainway Studio, drummer- The Kings)




    Although I expected the snare drum you sold me to be nice, I am very surprised by the sound. I have owned a few solid metal and high end metal snare drums in my time. The list includes: Ayotte-Keplinger, DW Cast Bronze, Dunnett Stainless steel and an Origional Noble&Cooley-Zildjian. My Potyondi sounds better than any of these.

    When I read your review it mentioned how versatile your drums are. I didn't  believe it because most of my previous solid metal snares were only good for loud rock n roll. I can see myself using my new Potyondi in all types of music.  In fact I had planned that it would be my aux. snare drum. I own a solid maple
    (lathed)snare drum made by LUKA. It is an incredible drum but I think I may actually use your snare drum more.
    Anyway, Thanks so much. I am truly blown away.

    Paul Papworth
    Vancouver, B.C.


    Im glade the drum arrived in good shape & am glade you like the drum

    The # 1 on the badge stands for the , that your drum is the very first aluminum drum I ever built .

    if you get a chance can you please show it to some of the drum stores in you"r area .

    all the best


    On 19-Jan-06, at 12:17 PM, Christophe Carle wrote:


    Dear Peter, 

    I got my new snare drum today, safely packed and ready to be played !

    I'm very pleased with it (nope, that's an understatement : I'm thrilled) and it really does have just the type of voice I was looking for. I look forward to the week-end when I can take more time to experiment and play it, and to my next band practice & studio recording with it.

    Thanks for making such a great sounding drum, I definitely made a good choice there. 

    With best regards and thanks again,