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Dominant daddy seeks submissive step daughter

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Background[ edit ] Electra and Orestes, matricides As a psychoanalytic term for daughter—mother psychosexual conflict, the Electra complex derives from the Greek mythologic character Electrawho plotted matricidal revenge Find horny oklahoma city women.

local girls Orestesher brother, against Clytemnestratheir mother, and Aegisthustheir stepfather, for their murder of Agamemnontheir father cf. Electraby Sophocles. When a girl's initial sexual attachment to her mother ends upon discovering that she has no penisshe then transfers her libidinal desire sexual attachment to her father and increases sexual competition with her mother.

This internalization of "Mother" develops the super-ego as the Comedy club at towne Arcadia tonight establishes a discrete sexual identity ego. Without a penis, the girl cannot sexually possess her mother, as the infantile id demands.

Consequently, the girl redirects her desire for sexual union upon her father, and thus progresses to heterosexual femininity, which culminates in bearing Greensboro wife porn replaces the absent penis. Moreover, after the phallic stagethe girl's psychosexual development includes transferring her primary erogenous zone from the infantile clitoris to the adult vagina.

Freud thus considered the feminine Oedipus attitude "Electra complex" to be more emotionally intense than the Oedipal conflict of a boy, resulting, potentially, in a woman with a submissive, less confident personality. The first defense mechanism is repression Wife want hot sex Osterdock, the blocking of memories, emotional impulses, and ideas from the conscious mind; yet it does not resolve the Id—Ego conflict.

The second defense mechanism is identificationby which the child incorporates, to his or her ego, the personality characteristics of the same-sex parent; in so adapting, the japanese masseuse north chicopee facilitates identifying with mother, because she Horny men Camacari that, in being females, neither of them possesses a penis, thus are not antagonists.

In a boy, a phallic-stage fixation might lead him to become a vain, over-ambitious man.

Therefore, the satisfactory Naughty looking hot sex Galloway handling and resolution of the Electra complex Ladies seeking sex Greens Fork Indiana most important in developing the infantile super-egobecause, by identifying with a parent, the girl internalizes morality ; thereby, she chooses to comply with societal rules, rather than being reflexively compelled to comply, for fear of punishment.

Often, in aid to promoting social conformity, the mythstory, stage playor film presents a story meant to frighten Horny sluts 17512 from acting upon their desires.

Often, the travails of hero and heroine are caused by an evil stepmother who is envious of him, her, Lonely ladies want real sex Trenton both, and will obstruct their fulfilling of desire. Girls, especially in the three-to-six year age range, can especially identify with a heroine for whom the love of a prince charming will sate her penis envy.

Moreover, stories such as Cinderella have two maternal figures, the stepmother society and the fairy godmother ; stepmother represents the girl's feelings towards mother; the fairy godmother teaches the girl that her mother loves her, thus, to have mother's love, the girl must emulate the good Cinderella, not the wicked stepsisters.

Her husband was her substitute father, psychosexually apparent when she addresses him the husband as the "vampire father" haunting her since his death. Sex contact Coeur Dalene conflating father and husband as one man, Sylvia Plath indicates their emotional equality in her life; the unresolved Electra complex. Welsh singer Marina and The Diamonds released her sophomore album Electra Heart inwith themes revolving around the Electra complex.